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How did Heroine Cosmetics come into being?

The idea for Heroine Cosmetics came to me a week after I had attended PAX East in March of 2015. Throughout the entire convention, I had noticed that most, if not all, of the swag, merchandise, even the ads, had all been geared toward a male audience. A week later I was browsing in Sephora and as I picked up a palette of eyeshadows, I found myself longing for something a little more… nerdy. Then it hit me. Why didn’t I make my own geeky cosmetics products to share with all my nerdy friends?

Are you sick of the ridiculous notion that geeky girls can’t be feminine? Wish you could buy an eyeshadow palette that was based on a character as badass as you feel? Well, we did too!

From eyeshadow collections with themes ranging from science fiction to popular super heroes, to mascara and gel eyeliner colored after your favorite comic books and video games, and glitter as opalescent as the booty you earned in your last RPG campaign, we wanna bring you the makeup you want with the geeky touches you deserve! As our company grows, we aim to pair up with your favorite IPs to bring you licensed palettes and more, both online and at the conventions you frequent.

Our Philosophies

Are you just as annoyed as we are by the idea that in order to be considered a ‘real gamer’ or ‘real geek,’ you can’t be into girly things, like makeup? Do you long for the days when females aren’t “too hard to animate” or that movies centered around female characters aren’t something that “nobody would go see”? Where heroes are mostly male, and females are reduced to simple love interests or a walking pair of boobs? I say, screw them all! Let’s all be our own heroes- and look badass doing it! Because, really, who wouldn’t want to have mascara like an Amazonian Warrior Princess, or a eyeliner like a Russian assassin?

Future Goals

These are the types of products we have in store for you as our brand grows:

  • Empty and refillable magnetic palettes with licensed artwork from your favorite fandoms and IPs
  • Palettes and collections based on all manner of geeky and nerdy things- using your feedback to decide which ones!
  • More product lines! Mascara, eyeliner, glitter, mineral shadows, blushes, lip products, and more!
  • Collections and lines of cosmetics designed for cosplayers. I want to create “kits” for cosplaying specific characters, so you’ll have all the makeup you need in one easy purchase!
  • Booths at the conventions you love most- and maybe even one day a real brick and mortar store!

Our Motto

If there’s one thing I’ve noticed in geek culture, it’s that females are severely underrepresented. From video games with little to no female playable characters to comic books, cartoons, TV shows, movies and more where girls are given only one or two characters to look up to, and that’s not even including where the characters we DO get only serve as love interests or a walking pair of boobs. So what are you gonna do with a world that doesn’t give you heroes to look up to?


So go on, do it. Wear that eyeliner that makes you feel like a superhero. Go out in that outfit that makes you feel like Black Widow. Put on mascara that makes you feel like you fight crime under the cover of darkness. Be your own hero, and look great doing it.

Our Hobbies

Wanna know what we do on our days off? Probably not, but here it is anyway!
Sleeping In
Binging Netflix
Being a Geek
Eating Pizza

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